Delivering impressive efficiency & reliability


Culture of Our Company

Midascom Network Sdn Bhd practices friendly organizational culture among its employees where teamwork and honesty are being strongly emphasized as Midascom Network Sdn Bhd believes that every successful and well established company has an excellent and healthy company culture of its own. Midascom Network Sdn Bhd grooms its employees to be well collaboration oriented team through teamwork with passion towards higher achievement and continual improvement.

Midascom Network Sdn Bhd sets standards to shape its future by providing the highest standard of services for its customers, vendors and other stakeholders through its devoted team of contented employees. Midascom Network Sdn Bhd strives to achieve its ultimate goal of being the leading contractor in the telecommunication industry through its most valuable asset, its employees who take pleasure working in a healthy organizational environment.


To strive for growth and quality services by delivering safe and successful projects across Malaysia for the benefit of our stakeholders through excellent teamwork and cost effectiveness.


We believe in fair return for all through profitable projects. Based on sustainable relationship, we endeavor to enhance our performance and distribute our profits of every achievement with our stakeholders; employees, shareholders, partners, suppliers and the community.

Our Company Positioning

Exceptional service oriented team
High risk taker in facing all challenges
Highly flexible to maximize customer’s satisfaction
Producing high value solution for customers
Provide highly collaborative team
Proven excellent track record
Reliable supplier in providing high quality products
Trusted partner in delivering excellence
Makes Impossible Possible